What are Electronic Cigars

What are Electronic Cigars and Are They Any Good

Following on from the introduction of electronic cigarette brands now comes electronic cigars.

Electronic cigars are designed to replicate the smoking experience of the increasingly popular electronic cigarettes but are designed for those people who prefer a cigar and create the same experience and satisfaction.

Electronic cigars or e-cigars are mainly available as disposable units but this is similar to the evolution of e cigarettes which started off as disposable only brands and then evolved into refillable when the market support for these products was sufficient to produce enough demand.

Some e-cigars look very similar to a traditional tobacco cigar whereas others look more plastic or pen-like. I was really surprised when I started reviewing these as to how realistic some of these cigars appear even so far as imitating the classic tobacco leaf appearance of a fine cigar. Again this is a personal preference but it’s good to see this attention to detail.

The units generally house a battery and a cartomiser which combines the nicotine solution and atomizer to recreate the smoking experience. An electronic cigar is generally good for about 500 puffs. This means each cigar is roughly equivalent to 10 normal cigars.

Benefits of a Disposable Electronic Cigars:

  • Disposable cigars are great as you don’t need to charge them before use
  • On a night out a disposable is more convenient as you won’t end up leaving all your accessories behind
  • If you lose it the cost is not so much an issue

Again like the most popular vapor e cigarettes; e-cigars are also becoming available in other flavors than traditional tobacco and you can now also get a menthol cigar.

Lastly a comment on the vapor or simulated smoke. Most e cigars produce a good volume of water vapor which looks very much like cigar smoke without the smells and toxic chemicals associated with traditional cigar smoking.

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